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Boston life coach Imad Jbara is a role model for living life with purpose and ambition! Imad decided to follow this path when he experienced some hardship in the past couple of years and ever since those unfortunate events he has not only become stronger but more eager to help all of the individuals that might have or are still experiencing tough times. He wants people to understand their self-worth and their own capabilities.


Imad is also a motivational speaker, but you could have guessed it already from the last couple of lines. He wants to be a role model to those that need the help in order to push through and he will do everything in my power to be the support that people need. Besides his coaching and speaking, he is also a professional model/actor and have been featured in many = brands such as New Balance, New England Patriots, Papa Ginos, D’Angelo’s, Popcorners and more.

LaToya Rene Robertson survived the struggles of being raised in an impoverished and drug infested neighborhood to become an accredited television and music composer, songwriter, property owner, philanthropist, world traveler and PhD Candidate.

LaToya shares her experience with body image, struggles of self-worth, combating poverty, being woman in male dominated industries, pursing goals, daring to stand out, overcoming adversity and finding ultimate happiness.


LaToya has developed first year programs at her alma mater, create music for television shows on stations such as MTV, BET, Entertainment, TBS and TRUTV, toured internationally, spoken at universities and has completed her first book. She hopes to be an example proving it’s not how start but your motivation to succeed. 




Imad will be speaking at the Dean's List student reception. He will be discussing the topic on branding yourself.



Set it in your calendar, this is when LaToya René Robertson will be presenting a TED Talk! Be sure to buy your tickets in advance!



This is the Big Day!! The Official Release of The College Cheat Sheet!!

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